Taest designer and photographer, me (randy) and owjend are daily partners who share our work as well as regular life together.

We feel so blessed that we can actually work together in the same field (it’s been 5 years that we have worked together). Probably because it’s so hard to find a partner to work together especially in this kind of business where you just have to find the right partners with pretty similar taste for design and also photography.

The word ‘TAEST’ is a little word-play from ‘taste’ which in Indonesian directly translated to ‘rasa’. In the making of taest, we want to let people and our clients to know that we have this particular kind of taste that they won’t find in any other people.

Our ambitions is still growing strong, not showing any sign of slowing down. We have several projects from Bandung and Jakarta within our clientele. But now Bali is going to be our target market as well, hope we can touch Bali soon enough.

At the moment we’re so happy to be in this kind of business. It’s challenging yet refreshing our kind of creative mind and sense for design and photography. All of that plus we get to make a living out of it!

Cheers from us!

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