I heard Bobobox for the first time when they finally opened their door through their IG page. I was very excited with their capsule concept to stay. They’re the one and only capsule hotel at the moment. So last week when my introvert personality showed up, I decided to try to stay at Bobobox for the first time, Well, it turned out to be a very fun stay!

Located in a main road is definitely a big plus. There are so many walking-distance restaurant and cafe near Bobobox.

When you arrive at the location you’ll be asked if you already have Bobobox App on your phone. Of course no one has it. So you have to download the app first because the key to the capsule pods is sent to our account on their apps. 

All capsule pods come with central air conditioning (you can adjust the intensity of the air), adjustable light, etc. Uniquely, all of the feature that you can enjoy insude the pod can be adjusted through the Bobobox App..

My first impression was, the pod is huge for one person, you can fit up to two persons here.  I went to the skypod so I had to climb up the table to reach to their king size bed. For me it was better than having to crawl down which what you’ll get if you choose the earth pod because the bed is placed on the floor.

There’s communal space for you to interact with other guests outside. In fact, there’s a party chat inside the app that let you chat with other guests. For me it was kind of a weird feature, but it’s there. Expect a long queue of bathroom and toilet since there’s only few of them in each floor. I wasn’t affected by that very much though since my stay was and will be on weekdays. 

climb up the table to reach the bed

Overall, I think it was a very nice stay and great option for a budget accomodation in Bandung. I can myself visiting Bobobox over and over again for a place to deep sleep and rest even though my apartment is only 15 minutes away… 

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