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Indisposable Memories with Fujifilm Disposable Camera

June 3, 2018

When in Japan, you have to buy Disposable Camera! It’s a plastic one-time use camera with only 39 shots film. Bought it the second day of my trip to Japan and super loved it! I love how I can’t actually see how the pictures turns out until it’s developed.. Surprised by the result even though they’re not in perfect focus and exposure, just the perfect moments and memories. I mean, you cannot re-take the picture, adjust the exposure, and trying…

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A Little Closer with Us, T A E S T

July 9, 2017

Taest designer and photographer, me (randy) and owjend are daily partners who share our work as well as regular life together. We feel so blessed that we can actually work together in the same field (it’s been 5 years that we have worked together). Probably because it’s so hard to find a partner to work together especially in this kind of business where you just have to find the right partners with pretty similar taste for design and also photography.…

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Aloha, Hongkong!

June 1, 2017

I woke up in Hongkong today! I survived the 5-6 hours flight from Jakarta without killing other passenger. Yas, I got very anxious if there’s no wifi to connect to.. Here’s the snapshot I took from day 1 and day 2…  …

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Sayonara Yoforia Yogurt Studio, Bandung

May 28, 2017

Have you ever experienced an excitement, joy all that kind of feeling for a project you’re about to do? 6 months ago when we decided to make Yoforia Yogurt Studio, I was very enthusiastic with the concept! Minimalist interior, healthy food, and a large space for collaboration. This Pop Up Store represents me so well. At the beginning, we planned to open this Pop Up Store for only 3 months, but for some reasons, we ended up opened the studio…

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Letter to J

April 16, 2017

It’s been a month since you’ve left me. I’m still missing you. Even though we already knew that our relationship won’t work from the beginning, but still, sometimes we just forget that we are just friends. Its so sad that we have to end our relationship this way. You did not even say goodbye to me… but its okay, as long as you’re happy with him.. I kinda miss your ‘miss you’ texts at 3am. I promise that if you…

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Hello, I’m Back!

May 15, 2015

Back? This is your first post, Randy! Well, back to my 2nd year of high school, I started my very first blog on T*mblr about my daily life. But, then I realized that T*mblr not work that way. So I made the 2nd account of that social media* and then.. Goddamn! I am fucked up! *please don’t ask me anymore So, after a two years inactive in blogging activities, I think I’ll have to start this again. Not just to…

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