Back? This is your first post, Randy!

Well, back to my 2nd year of high school, I started my very first blog on T*mblr about my daily life. But, then I realized that T*mblr not work that way. So I made the 2nd account of that social media* and then.. Goddamn! I am fucked up! *please don’t ask me anymore

So, after a two years inactive in blogging activities, I think I’ll have to start this again. Not just to improve my english, but also to memorize my memories. It’s like two days ago when I was scrolling through the last page of my T*mblr and I’m a bit touched for what i’ve been through.

At first, I was thinking about posting more food post ( since now I’m a Food Photographer ) but I think i’m not-so food hunter yet. I do eat what I like. I’m not into “newly open” restaurant guy. So I think in this blog I just write randomly, what I eat, where I travel, things I like. But, don’t mind if I’m too much posting about food.

This blog is simply just to remind me that I’ve been done this-and-that, for the future-me ( You’ll know how it feels when its happen to you )

Welcome, and enjoy!