Honu is a poke bowl & matcha bar located in Kemang. Earlier this year they opened their second branch in Menteng. I visited the Kemang’s branch right before the lunch hours. Luckily I managed to take a bunch of pictures before the crowd comes in 😝

Here, their main dish are those one-of-a-kind dish called Poke Bowls. Poke Bowl is a Hawaiian dish that has diced raw tuna fish with soy sauce, green onions and other ingredients such as seaweed. What’s unique about Honu is they also give a bright spotlight towards their various matcha menus.


We go to HONO-LULU (80k) with Sushi Rice. I was very impressed at how fresh their tuna was. The tuna also complimented with fried onion, nori and cucumber. Quite a new taste for my tongue tbh, but as soon as I get used to it. I enjoyed it till my last spoon.

First bite on their YUGO (80k) was also first love. This menu is definitely japan-influenced dish in-a-bowl. I Ordered it with brown rice and it’s served with salmon with shoyu, wakame, edamame, tobiko and japanese purple lettuce. I was enjoying the dish until I realized that this must be better with Sushi Rice.


They use 100% organic premium matcha from Japan. You can buy the matcha powder and the Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder. You can definitely tell that they are serious about their matcha business.

We ordered light matcha (35k) which is a lighter version of the Matcha (15k), and you can do refill for free. You may also ordered the hot Matcha for when your ex treat you so cold 😭

Honu brings a different kind of healthy food that I was pleased by. They are also serious about their branding. I’m loving how they place the ukulele and all of the worker’s dress just like they’re in Hawaii *even though I’ve never been to Hawaii before 😝 * Absolutely gonna go back again if I’m around kemang. Or maybe I will try their other outlet. Or even better they can come to me to Bandung!

Honu Poké & Matcha Bar Kemang
Jl Kemang Selatan Raya no 125
Ig : @honueats