I honestly have never thought of having a trip to nature, you know; mountain, beaches or whatever for a very long time. Last time I visited Bali for 10 days, I didn’t even smell the waves on the beaches, nor step my feet onto the sand. Yes I was that ‘urban’ you can say.

But lately my nomadic heart was waken up, so I said yes when my family asked me to join their trip to Mount Bromo.. It’s my first time doing this such trip. I know this will be a physical challenge for bigger person like me, but it was worth the effort.

It began when I woke up at 10 pm from Malang and drove down 3 hours to Cemorolawang Village which is the home of Mount Bromo. Bought a cup of instant “Susu Jahe” and “Cilok” from a random stall.

I was then waiting for 30 minutes to get picked up by our 4×4 Jeep to the sunrise view point. You can also hike you ass up to the sunrise view, just note that you’ll need to visit reflexologist afterwards cause it’s a long waaaay up…

It was not even 4am, but tons of eyes and tripods was already placed in every sunrise view points (there are 4 of them) Maybe because it was a holiday season.

We hiked to the highest point of the sunrise view, about 1 km and 256 stairs, and waited for another 30 minutes just to find that the sunrise was blocked by the cloudy weather. But the view is still worth the work tho. You can see Semeru mountain behind the smaller Bromo.

Jalur tanjak sunrise view

Sea of Sand & Savannah of Bromo

After not-so-succefull attempt to view sunrise, we went down to our jeep and head towards the Mount Bromo itself, in between the sunrise view and bromo, there were two spots that incvlude in every Bromo tour. Sea of Sand and Savannah of Bromo (Telletubies Hills)

Sea of Sand

Mt Bromo Crater

From the Jeep parking, you can walk 2 kms to the stairs or get through it by horse. I don’t recommend taking the horse because they all look weak and not well fed. It’s a tiring walk, but you can stop by for an Instagram picture literally anytime. Because all of the side is very beautiful, just stay away from the horse’s poo spread everywhere

Super crowded

Luckily there’s no sandstrom when we visit there. But still always prepare yourself by bringing some mask to cover you nose and mouth from the sand also the poo.

After a very tiring 250 stairs and 2 km walk, we finally made it to the crater! The crater was making a calming wave sound. The sight of the glazed eruption is also can be beautifully seen everywhere. But it was a very crowded day. So we had to be very careful not to throw ourselves down the crater. I mean, the fences didn’t seems safe at all..

We finally did some capture here and there and safely went downstairs and went back to our villa..

By the time we reached the jeep, I realized and quite annoyed by how much the sand was messing up my glasses and shoes. But it was still worth it tho. Pro tip: do not use crocs sandals, I repeat do not use crocs sandals. I literally saw a dad and his sons who wore crocs and decided to take off their sandals and walk barefoot touching the horse’s poo mixed sands. ew….

See you bromo!