I usually don’t visit temple at all. Been to Bangkok twice, but I haven’t visit any of the temple in Bangkok.

But, reviews that I read about Man & Mo temple intrigued me, they have something unique to offer. Located at the hustle Sheung Wan area, 10 minutes walk from the MTR station. A very must visit if you’re in HongKong.

Not the biggest temple of course, it’s quite small actually, but very much a working temple with people coming in on a regular basis. It has an awesome calm atmosphere, the smoke from the incense filled the temple beautifully.

Spiral incense hanging from the ceilings, numerous incense coils, a lot of lanterns and religious statues including the main and large statue of Man & Mo, which inspire the name of this temple really gives you insights of the culture.

The incense could be too much for some people, especially in the eyes and nose since it is so fragrant. i cant even stay that long since my eyes feel uncomfortable

I would totally recommend visiting this place, truly an authentic place to visit in HongKong.