I’m a sucker for the vibes that old restaurants give. From places like Kopi Es Takkie to Semarang’s Toko Oen have been my favorite since forever. Claypot Popo is one of the restaurant that serve a simple homey-dish that can take you down to the memory lane.Claypot Popo in Jalan Sabang is small, feels like a mix of old Indonesian and Chinese house that has narrow halls, decorated with chinese calendar and family photographs.
They serve chinese dishes in claypots. All claypots are rice and noodle base. While the variation of the menu is rather simple, there’s always a special touch in each and every one of the menu.

Claypot Misua Tahu Telur Asin – 28k

Noodle based dish that’s served in claypot complimented with salted egg and tofu. Very simple dish but definitely everyone’s favorite. This is one of best selling menu here. If you’re in doubt on what to choose, go for this.

Claypot Siram Telur Mentah – 28kThick broth soup, diced carrots, corn kernels, chicken and raw egg yolk mixed nicely with their delicious thin noodle. Mix everything and grab everything one spoon at a time.

We also ordered Fumak & Siomay Ayam. It was just a basic but still fun additional food that serve the purpose of making my flatlays look full. Jk, we liked it!Basically everything is delicious here. I mean, combination of simple dish, humble and homey place, plus the warm feelings from the dish in the pot. Definitely a worth to try if you’re around Sabang. uh oh, they also have their new branch in Kelapa Gading. Pay a visit if you’re around. Thank me later..