With its workspace x coffee shop concept, Lokasi gives you a super cozy workspace to get your shits done. They also have a nice interior and outdoor area and make an insta-worthy photo for your feeds.

Its indoor is nicely decorated with all-concrete materials with stuffs like the asthrays and even the pots. The place is so rich in natural light. If you fee like opening up your laptop, you might want to do it indoor, the outdoor area seems very bright, too bright even, to open laptop so you can barely see anything under the sunshine.

Besides the must-have coffee shops menu like coffee, tea, and pastry. Expect to see more foods, not only light bites, but also heavier meals. My friend once ordered a plate of teppanyaki there. Like whaaaaa?

There’s something about the quiet coffee shop atmosphere which then complimented by the playlist they curated there. All in all, Lokasi gave me a wonderful experience. I have visited them twice for brunch and for afternoon coffee. And it was a #ngopiproductive session!

Go pay a visit there. I mean who doesn’t need a strategically located coffee shop (Dago) with spacious parking lot, comfortable and chill music, free wifi, etc!! And also, see you around! Will soon move my office in their office area 😘