The area of Cikini has the most nostalgic atmosphere that everyone probably can feel everytime they passed by the Cikini Raya Street. Wide range of entertainment such as fine dining restaurant, Taman Ismail Marzuki (cultural and science center), up to Jl Surabaya flea market are available for you to enjoy while you’re there.

About all the things that you can find in Cikini, Kedai Tjikini is one of the Café that keep the nostalgic feeling in their restaurant. From the chair, table and even the curated song that played beautifully, they keep it nice and wonderfully represents Jakarta decades back.

You can find various traditional Indonesian food with an old-school presentation. The menu choice is very wide from kudapan (light bites) all the way to traditional maincourse. I ordered galantin, which basically a Javanese Steak. 3 fried rollade meat, with vegetables, and potato, served with bbq sauce.

They also have a wide range of manual coffee that you can choose from. But who am I talkin about coffee, right?

Kedai Tjikini is a quiet place to have a meeting lunch at, or just to lay back and have coffee or even jamu. It’s also a nice place to have a nostalgic dinner with your loved ones, a nice hidden gem to simply ‘taste’ the other side of Jakarta that no other place can offer.