After twice failed to taste their Iced Coffee because I was too late, I finally get a chance to tried the legend ES KOPI TAK KIE.

The very narrow alley packed with tons of people selling all kind of foods, fruits, chinese medicine, basically anything. Pretty much not really a nice place to have a slow morning. Especially me who definitely not a traditional market person, a bit annoyed.

When I arrived there at 11.30 am. Kopi Es Tak Kie, it was crowded with bunch of older people and families buzzing and enjoying their Nasi Campur, Noodles, and Coffees.

Bout their coffee, it can be served hot or cold. Since it was a hot day in Jakarta (well, it’s always blazing hot here) I ordered 2 cups of their iced coffee. One with milk and one without milk. Oh and you can’t find a fancy latte art here.

For a 17k a glass (and 19k for the milk one), Kopi Es Tak Kie is definitely a yes! Rich and sweet with no bitterness at all (i think that’s a good thing, correct me if i’m wrong, im not a coffee expert lol).

Also, not only about the coffee, the overall ambience of old chinese neighborhood is a nice experience and give you different sensation rather than fancy coffee shop.

Definitely will visit this super nice coffee shop again sometimes. A very nice visit last time, and thank you for bringing me here, JM.