Owjend and I are an avid fans of Shabu shabu. Especially few months back when Owjend is doing his keto diet.

To find shabu shabu that’s perfectly match our taste, of course we have do a wide search and to try a lot of Shabu places. While we’ve heard a Shaburi for quite a long time, unfortunately we don’t have Shaburi here in Bandung. So while waiting for our Travel to Bandung from Jakarta last week, we managed to stop by and have a lunch at Shaburi Kota Kasablanka.

As you can probably tell, in peek hours like this, Shaburi is nearly full. But lucky for us, we don’t have to wait in queue for long, because we just need two seats for the two of us.

After being seated, the waitress approached us and ask which kind of soup we want. Owjend went with original konbu soup and I tried the hot miso. Both of us didn’t regret our choices!

So we both tried the very basic package which is Beef Shabu Shabu. The meat was pretty good. I love how thinly they cut the meat, it only took seconds to get the meat ready to eat. I enjoyed the meat without dipping it into any of the sauces anymore. You can also go for the more expensive type of beef, their WAGYU!

The selection of maincourse is good, but not great. The chicken karaage and french fries are just okay. They also have sushi, wings and other stuffs, but I didn’t try it.

For dessert they have various kind of ice cream machines which I also didn’t try because I perhaps have eaten more than 25 trays of the meat. But the texture of the ice cream looks so good, and also you can unlimitedly refill the ice cream thingy.

You have 90 minutes to enjoy all things in Shaburi, they will set timer on your table and I think it’s a plenty of time to fill even your most void tummy.

They also have lunch package for only 115k per person but for a shorter 70 minutes and no-refill meat which is pretty awesome if you’re just need a quick lunch with your office mate.

So Shaburi offers you an all you can eat shabu shabu experience with a decent selection of meat that you can enjoy. Their basic packages is pretty good. (I’ve tried the shabu place where you have to order the most expensive package, otherwise the meat is not so good) It cost us idr 380k which isn’t too expensive for this kind of place. The service was very nice. The waitress is always came to our table and ask if you want the meat to be refilled or not.

For me, dining at Shaburi more like an entertaining experience than just a lunch or dinner and I definitely would go back for the wagyu session and try their other soups.

Shaburi Shabu Shabu
Kota Kasablanka
Open 10am – 9.30pm
021 57973247

Average spend
180-400k/ person