In Lembang, you have a very wide option of place to stay during your visit there. But if you’re the kind of person who’s more into ‘stay at hotel and not leaving anywhere’ because you just want to escape the city and crowd, then Casa Lembang is the bnb you want to consider.


Here’s how I know their place, their instagram feed is stunning. They have a beautiful interior that not only attract traveler, but also instagrammers, and wedding photographers to do pre-wed photoshoot here. The host of this amazing place is surprisingly the writer of ‘Sabtu Bersama Bapak’, Wahyu Aditia, and his wife Ninit.

The place is not really far away from Bandung. It’s probably only 30-40 minutes driving from Setiabudi st. It is also located near Kampung Gajah, and pretty much all the well-known leisure park in Lembang area such as Farm House, and Dusun Bambu.

Casa Lembang have 3 medium room with maximum of 6 guests. The place didn’t come with AC, but luckily Lembang’s air is still kinda breezy and it’s a pretty nice air in the afternoon. so who needs AC anyway.

They also provide kitchen appliances that you’ll probably need like microwave, water dispenser, rice cooker, fridge, plates and coffee machine. Yes, they have this kinda mini espresso machine and the coffee as well. Pretty convenient, right?

Unfortunately there’s no wifi at the time we stay there. I don’t know whether it’s because they’re not planning to install one, or there’s no wifi provider available yet in that area.

If you need Lembang’s fresh air, watching sun rise, lay back all day, you know that kind of holiday, this will be a nice place to stay. Don’t worry because The rate is definitely worth the place and the service. The neighborhood is also nice and quiet They also make a good place for prewedding shot or any product shot. Really recommend this place for you to stay!