As recommended by every blog, vlog, and guides about Japan everywhere, Tsukiji Fish Market is one of the most famous fish market in Japan. They say that you have to come early in the morning to avoid it’s peak hour. So we (me, @owjend and @helenapingkan) did come at 6-ish and enjoyed the 15 mins walk from Shimbashi station.

Not like usual fish market that smell like shit, you can’t smell anything bad at Tsukiji. That’s probably because what they serve here is fresh AF.

Tsukiji consist of 2 market area, the indoor and the outdoor. You can find the auction and the wholesale area on the indoor area. Unfortunately we didn’t get into the inside of the wholesale because the outer area is more interesting to me.

Yes, the outer market area is covered in tons of street foods option to buy. Anything from Yakitori, Sushi, and even Rice bowl. The ones that really catched the spotlight are the most popular dishes which I bought called Tamagoyaki (egg on stick) from Marutake, and the Fresh Tuna Bowl from Maguroya Kurogin. Didn’t plan to have our breakfast here, so.. we were okay with just few light bites.

I don’t like tuna that much, but the Toro (fatty part of the tuna) melted in my mouth! Although it’s a bit expensive at around ¥1500 for a small bowl, but i mean, hey we’re in a tourist spot, so I didn’t mind. The egg on the other side is only ¥100. They serve fresh steamy egg, and oh god the texture and the sweetness of the egg.. Don’t skip this one, it’s a nice pick for your morning!

Of course there are also other seafood and dishes to try at Tsukiji Market. They’re all freshly catch and made, so expect to spend some more even just for the finger food.

It’s a quite nice morning for a night owl like me. The struggle to wake up in the morning is well-paid for a nice morning at Tsukiji. What a well-spent morning with @owjend and @helenapingkan