It’s all about T-aest

a group of small team from Bandung that focused in Digital Marketing and Content Creation. T-AEST is pronounced like “taste”, derived from “Taste” and “Aesthetic” which are what we offer to our clients.

Featured Works

At T-AEST, we simply want to answer our client’s need with everything we have. Our value has always been to do the best to our services. These are some of our recent works

Our Services

Digital Marketing Strategy

We are ready to help you build your comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy, starts from the Need Recognition phase up until Post Purchase phase.


Picture is an excellent visual to help your custormers understand the value and quality of your products. We are here to help you find the best angle for all your products.


We are keeping up with the evercoming growth of Video as visual aspect in Digital Marketing. We understand the importance of telling a compelling story about your products via moving pictures and sounds.

Graphic Design

Communicate a message that your products are trying to tell in a clear and eye-catching way. You only have to worry about running your business, let us take care of the graphic designs for you.

Our Clients