Ak Sa Bar is a little shops dedicated for Local Tea Bar. Besides this Tea Bar, they have Akasa Book Store at the same location at Pasar Tjihapit. The book store has unique vintage vibes that filled with old books and beautiful old decorative pieces.

They are located inside a traditional market, Pasar Tjihapit, not far from the famous Warung Nasi Bu Eha. Compared to the other stalls, this one definitely stand out amongst the others (especially in terms of the decoration). It would be way more perfect if they had a playlist on repeat of 80’s – 90’s song. You know, Chrisye, Achmad Albar, and Inka Christie, don’t you agree?

They have huge range of tea selection from around Indonesia.. Some brands like Tjatoet, 2 Tang, Kelapa Djenggot and a few other traditional tea brand can definitely be found here with a starting for only idr 5k per teapot. Feel free to sniff some of the already opened bags of the tea and decide which you want to choose later. Tbh, I’m not an experienced tea drinker even though I’ve tasted some good brands like Savis Tea, Ahmad Tea, T2, etc.. But worry not ’cause the shopkeeper will recommend you what to try if you’re in doubt.

I don’t know whether you can buy their tea to brew at your home or not. But I would rather spent an hour or two here just because they had this well decorated seating area. Too bad they do not sell any side treats. A little variants of gorengan like pisang goreng and bala-bala would be nice, right?

This may not be a place for fancy tea drinker. You should also forget about butterfly pea, chamomile, or other fancy names like Ahmad Tea or Savis.. But still, for a cheap 5k tea, they can do their job.