After a few days in Bali, I catch up one of my Balinese friend to do cafe hopping together. We stop by to a cute little coffee shop called Bare Bottle that located in Kuta… After finishing our coffee, we realize that today is weekend and one of the most hipster pastry shop in Bali is open. We took 40 minutes go-car ride to Kerobokan and visited one of hidden patisserie in Bali: Yamuna.

Yamuna open in weekend only, from Friday to Sunday at 12 to 5 PM. On weekdays their dine in cafe is close but still open for delivery order. We arrived around 3 PM and as I thought before that the cake selection was very limited. But luckily there was still a slice of martabak cake left, the one that I wanted. 

The place was packed at the moment I arrived there. I waited for about 15 minutes and I was super lucky to get the best table (well at least for me). The staff was very nice and welcomed. I asked a lot about the cake and they were eager to answer my questions. Then we ordered Martabak and Velvet Cake. 

The cake was delicious, accompanied by their selection of TWG tea. It was a perfect combination to beat the heat in Bali. The rays of sunlight touched my skin was also set a nice and super cozy ambiance. The only downside was the martabak cake which maybe a little bit too dry. But I thought it was because of my slice which literally the last one.

If you come early I’m pretty much sure that you’re going to see more of their favorite flavors like SNICKERS, BLACK RUSSIANS, Etc. There are so many cakes to choose, you and your friends will definitely find your favorite here. The average prices for the slice cake is around IDR 40K which is worth for a big slice of cake.

It is too bad that the place is kinda far from where I stayed in Bali which is around Seminyak. It’s not worth if you come all the way to the area just to visit Yamuna. I recommend you guys to also check Kembali Bumbak Cafe which is located near the Yamuna. 

If you love dessert or just want to try something new, put this into your bucket list. Definitely a place to enjoy your weekend. Me personally can’t wait to visit Yamuna again 😍