Although there was a never ending line for MUTEKIYA RAMEN. It was worth the 30 mins wait even on a rainy day in Tokyo.

Mutekiya Ramen is one of those ramen shop that only has 17 seats available at their Ikebukuro’s branch. It must be a pretty satisfying feeling for both your tummy and mind to finally eat their famous ramen especially after you’re pretty much done with queueing for a long time

Unlike Ichiran where you can order through the vending machine, at Mutekiya you have to order it directly to their staff. I actually found it really good to do that, it just feels warmer. Not to mention you can ask them directly for extra soup or even noodles 🤤
But worry not, they have prepared an english menu beforehand. If i’m not mistaken there were also Chinese, Korean and even Vietnamese menu as well. All of the menus also came with the dish’s actual pictures on it.

Mutekiya Ramen & Tyasu-Men
I ordered Mutekiya Ramen, their meat and egg noodles. It cane with 3 large pieces of chasu, egg, and menma (fermented bamboo). The chasu contains meat and fat in a perfectly balanced amount. The chasu cut is thick but melts in your mouth.

Me personally like Mutekiya’s soup than Ichiran’s, it’s richer, thicker and creamier. Oh, and yes, you can ask for extra clear soup for free here.

If you’re in the mood for porky ramen, you can choose their Tyasu-Men with 5 Mutekiya’s chasu.

In addition to the ramen menu, they also have other side menus like gyoza or even rice bowls. The ramen itself have more than 8 selections of toppings. You will definitely find a favorite menu here.

For me, I like Mutekiya more than Ichiran, the Chasu and the soup was on point. Although we have to wait for 30 minutes, it was definitely worth the wait. For me, It’s absolutely a must visit place in Tokyo.