It was a fine sunday afternoon when I arrived at Kedai Roti Kobi. There’s a very long line inside their small indoor area. You will be welcomed by the cook who toast the bread which quite frankly makes you want to buy everything. I mean, they’re so tempting, and at this moment you’ll feel that you have to try them all😭

The place is kinda warm and smoky. It’s caused by the open kitchen space right after you open the door with only a small window to keep the air circulated. There were a couple of AC, but not helping that much. Although big plus for the nice decorated area with appropriate vintage seating, tables and also their playlist! They played good musics such as danilla and banda neira, really brought the nice vintage vibes to kobi.

I ordered half portion of ROTI NOGAT MESES (18k) and half portion of ROTI ABON (20k). The wheat toast is thick, but very soft. The toast were not served as warm as I expected. I don’t know maybe it’s just Kobi’s style, or it is because of the peak hours when I came in. The toppings were generous. There were still chocolate sprinkles and nougat leftovers when I finished the bread. There’s a buttery taste in their Nougat Cream tho..

The Roti Abon is even better! The savory abon and mayonnaise really goes well with kobi’s wheat bread. To compliment my afternoon Kobi session I also ordered Kopi Mocha. Didn’t expect it to be that delicious while also had a very strong coffee taste with a perfectly blended chocolate in it.

There’s also other maincourse menu like Lontong Capgomeh and Nasi Rames, I hadn’t try it yet, but I can see myself visit Kedai Roti Kobi more often to try their other menus and the famous Alpukat Kerok.

For Kedai Roti Kobi first-timer, I was impressed. Maybe it’s too late to give a nice word about their bread, but I can see myself recommending this place to many of my friends. See you again soon, Kedai Roti Kobi..

Burn baby, burn!
Kedai Roti Kobi
Jl. Pluit Kencana No.67, Pluit, Penjaringan.
IG : @kedairotikobi