If you have never been to Keuken, you probably miss one of Bandung’s most fun food festival! We’re so excited for this event as their previous event was very good both in satisfying our tummy, and with their anti-mainstream concept that they actually brought every year. And this year, they held it at golf course opting Ingredients Garden Theme. Their campaign wants to inform us that we can subtitute rice to healthier option like cassava and nuts.


As soon as I got there (it was 8am super early, well of course because i am one of the tenants) I was very pleased with the atmosphere. The fresh smell of grass, the morning ray, a bit hazy morning, and also there’s already a couple of families that play in our kids area.

The gate opened at 9am, there were more than 50 booths all mixed from food, drink, and also food trucks. They also complete their ambience with two stages which is the kitchen stage, and music stage with bunch of event session from each tenant.

Marty’s Smokehouse

Marty’s of course known very well for their grilled and smoked beef. We tried their regular bbq sauce to dip our beef and sausages we ordered in.

The meat is so tender and juicy. The fatty textured combined with their bbq sauce is just perfect. Price wise, for 70k it’s a nice spend especially in this kind of food festival.


Who doesn’t need this ‘kekinian’ treats inside the hyped food fest? We tried Pitikuyan’s Chicken Salted Egg. The taste was just okay, nothing really special. But nothing can go wrong if there’s salted egg involved am I rite :):

The portion was ok, we bought it in the morning for our breakfast, but don’t get me wrong, of course I didn’t just bought their food once. I also bought it in the afternoon for my early dinner, and you know what, the portion is a little bit smaller, omg. Can’t say no more..

Soto Sedari

This was the best finding that day on Keuken 8! Soto Sedari! I had their Soto Betawi Susu and Soto Pedas. I notice that they serve the Soto with lontong instead of rice.

They serve me a generous amount of meat and organs. You can also complete your soto with their selection of satay. They have quail egg, fried cow lungs, etc..

Ombread India

When we first pass by their booth, it was so full by the people who saw the chef cooking the bread. Turns out, we also can’t keep our eyes off the bread. So we did try one for us.

It’s a bread cooked with egg, meat, cheese on top, and then served with sausages and fries. The taste was pretty basic to be honest.

Bakabaka Seafood

One of my personal favorite booth decoration probably this bakabaka seafood! Simple chic, and just enough to represent the brand (you know what i’m talking about) But what interesting for me is that they have living lobsters ready to be cooked freshly on the spot!

They serve the lobster with corn for only IDR 35k. The sauce is so gooddamn good. Spicy and just a perfect combination for a hot and sunny day back then.


All and all, Keuken always have their own magic each year. Not even the farthest location of Keuken holding Bandung’s hipster steps from it. Fun outdoor food festival we haven’t find in other similar events. Looking forward to see the next year’s concept!

See you again, Keuken!