Not too far from Secretish Place, one of the most beautiful AirBnB in Bandung, the owner Prabowo build his second AirBnB named Maison Secrete. Everything is personally picked by him to give you a different vibe than his first BnB. The ‘Maison’ finished with a touch of Moroccan’s house style. Not like any basic Ikea style & basic bnb, Maison Secrete offers you a different and surely interesting concept.

Moroccan Style Home

Maison Secrete is a feast for your eyes. Their seats and coffee tables are beautifully arranged with plush couches, and floor cushions in the living room. I also notice how they have these beautiful rugs with interesting patterns with colorful colors that match all the pink-ish wall and greenery from the plants.

In the first floor, you can find a beautiful kitchen, living room area and one guest room. They also have smart TV to watch your favorite YouTuber. I mean, who even still watch local TV these days, amirite?

The main room is located in the second floor, it’s a very spacy room with king size bed. There’s also private bathroom inside the main room. Another room is a twin bed room with matching theme.

You can absolutely tell that the attention to the detail is very amazing. All of the windows and doors, are in curve-shaped. Tiles, pattern, lantern, door handle and even the kitchen handle are on point to match the overall Moroccan theme.

Social Media Detox
Although the house is very inspiring, with it’s 30 mbps internet connection. Maison Secrete is the perfect place to layback and relax. Thanks to the fresh air from the plants and the absence of car noises passing by. Just make sure you bring your books, prepare your playlist or your favorite netflix titles to enjoy your time here.

If you’re in need for a pretty BnB in Bandung or Lembang, Maison Secrete is a nice one to consider. A one-of-a-kind place to stay and for your Instagram material.