I’m having a hard time remembering when was the last time I have jamu to boost up my health. I’m sure does most of people in big cities nowadays. When I was sick and my body needs turmeric to boost my appetite, I got it from pills, not traditional Jamu.

Suwe Ora Jamu, located at Jl Petogogan, Pejaten is the first branc of the Cafe. In about 2 years, they have already successfully opened their new branch few months ago at Komunitas Salihara which have more modern feel.

Sapta Sari

If you’re a first timer here (like me), you can order their SAPTA SARI which is a selection of basic ingredients like kunyit asem, beras kencur, wedang jahe, sari jamu sehat, alang-alang, rosella, and green tamarind. Everything comes in a shot glasses which is very convenient to just taste the basic sensation of Jamu. The presentation is very nice, you can freely feel the traditional touch because it served using that wooden tray.

Karang Sekalor by Jamu Iboe

Not only serving originally made Jamu, Suwe Ora Jamu also has this instant Jamu Iboe. I bought the Karang Sekalor one. Sekalor means headhache in Javanese, so basically it meant to cure your headache. They also serve everything with Jahe Manis (sweet ginger drink), the sweet and warm sensation makes it a perfect addition to balance the bittersweet taste of traditional Jamu.


Suwe Ora Jamu is also serving a nice selection of food. We tried some of them like Nasi Ayam Jotos, Nasi Goreng Kecombrang, Jamur Kriwil and Jamur Mawut. All of the food was okay. Nothing really special. But it gets the job done to fill your tummy up.

There’s also Bubur Ketan Hitam and other Indonesian desserts, definitely have to try this on my next visit to their second branch.

With such a unique concept, Suwe Ora Jamu is a highly recommended comfy place for you to just get a lay back. Nicely air conditioned, great ambience with nice attention to the playlist (they curated the playlist so great you just want to shazam ’em all)

This one particular concept is not only giving you a rest from mainstream cafes, but also to keep up Indonesia’s traditional healing herbal beverage. If you’re millenials like me, you’ll going to enjoy your visit here.