Mr Guan is located in a stretch of Lengkong Besar Street which is an area that’s not very popular for a coffee shop to be located. There’s no parking space for car. But you can easily park your car by the street cause it’s a very quiet street.

As soon as you land your first step into Mr Guan’s building, you can tell that the building was once used as a house. Maybe it’s Mr Guan’s house, or is it just a branding? Definitely branding 🤪 Anyway, you can also tell that this used to be a house by it’s location in the middle of a housing area. It’s not a bad thing at all tho. You can enjoy the lay out, the rooms that we can’t enter, high ceiling, etc. As a coffee shop, this place brings a new branding, and everything seems very unique and iconic.

Rebuilding everything without changing the look of the building was definitely a big concern for them. Not to mention details like old turntables for playing the playlist, table tennis mat, and even the tennis shoes really got me.

Not only serves coffee, they also have sliced cake and even various maincourse menu. Like it’s interior, the menu is also mix of old and new menu. While there’s food like steak and ricebowl, they keep the presentation match to the overall Mr Guan’s vibe. I did try one of their maincourse and cake menu. It’s not bad but not that great too tho. Still definitely worth the price.

As much as I love the branding, the coffee and ambiance, I hope people of Bandung, especially heritage lovers also show some love to them to keep this one-of-a-kind coffee shop running the business. See you around Mr Guan…