Stopped by during my visit to Macau after reading tons of reviews of this cute little cafe. Fun fact: this is the first air conditioned Cafe in Macau 50 years ago. Located 5-10 mins walk from the most touristy spot, St. Paul Ruins. The cafe accepts payument in HKD. Love the old and local vibes inside the cafe. They suddenly brought me back into the 70’s, although I’d never been *lawl*.

The staff were very friendly. Even though I read some poor reviews about them, I didn’t experience any. The staff yelled orders at each other but I found it very nice to keep the tradition the way it was. The visitors were also elderly locals, just like what we could find at Tak Kie, Jakarta. They talk loudly but it’s kinda atmosphere you want to have in this kind of cafe.

I had the Nam Ping Sandwich, the ham & egg toast. The texture of the toast was soft it blended very well with the scrambled egg and the ham. The egg tart was ok. Nothing special compared to the OG Lord Stow Bakery one. But considering the price was half cheaper, you couldn’t go wrong with this one..

The hot coffee milk or their Hong Kong milk tea is also something you don’t wanna miss. It’s a perfect companion to your toast, isn’t it?

Apart from expensive and luxury casino life in Macau, I really didn’t expect to experience vintage cafe in the neighbourhood. The atmosphere, the food and everything in it make me really excited to share about it and pay a visit again. I also heard the donut is good, so there’s another good reason to visit it again.