First time in Japan! Super excited!
Will be in Tokyo for 10 days without any plan. Let’s just see how things go!

Visa Drama
So, owjend and i bought the ticket like a month ago when owjend just got back from Japan. And of course I want to be in Japan on my birthday, so in a very last minute we decided to bought the flight ticket on May.

Since we’re busy all the time, we forgot to take care of the Visa. Just 2 weeks away from the schedule of the flight, we contact travel agent (so we don’t have to go to Jakarta) to apply our visa.

The travel agent said that it was only take a week to get the visa done. But Randy the clumsiest person ever needs to take care of my identity first because my birthday that’s written on my id card isn’t the same with my passport, and it took probably 5 days more!

And yes, here we are now. Just got the passport D-1 at 6pm, booked our AirBnB room before our flight, and survived the super long 7 hours flight✨