I can hardly remember when was the last time i ate their fried rice. I’m sure it’s way long time ago. Since I moved to Bandung, doing culinary in Jakarta has been a very rare thing for me. Until this time I finally get to revisit Nasi Goreng Kebon Sirih.

It’s located in Jalan Kebon Sirih, Menteng area. If you have a chance, you should go and dine in at their place. There you’ll experience the unique local atmosphere at their place. Also, they always have this huge crowds come into their place every night. But you don’t really have to worry as they cook the fried rice in a very big pan, so you won’t have to wait for a long time.

They open in the evening. The place was very humble, the plastic tables and chairs are placed literally on the side of the road. Just note that there will always be street performer passing around, so keep a few changes ready. If you don’t mind with such down to earth presentation go for dine in. Otherwise getting your food to go is not so bad either.

The fried rice portion was okay for the price. Smokey fragrant, tastes so rich similar to a number of other traditional middle eastern food. But in some cases the spices might not blend perfectly considering they cooked it in bulk.

While it didn’t taste as good as I can remember, it still gave me nostalgic feeling back when I was 10 or something, so I will definitely come back for my late night supper session in Jakarta.