A kind of hidden villa in the busy Dewi Sri area, Kuta. Let me introduce you to LYFF VILLA. A nice medium sized villa that’s capable to accomodate 12 peoples. It gives you a nice traditional Balinese atmosphere but still with a nice modern touch.

The beauty begins at the very nice entrance with traditional woven ceiling. Once you took your first step you’ll be amazed by how wide open the living room is. It’s a big open space with pool, kitchen and dining table at one big space. What a nice layout to socialize with your friend.

The whole building was designed by a group of local architects. They creted a very nice atmosphere at Lyff. The woven ceiling, the magic bathroom ceiling thing, and just the magical little touches here and there. The stone walk leads to the 3 rooms. All bedrooms came with their own bathroom. The main bedroom came with kids own bedroom which you can also fit grown up butt there..

A stay at Lyff is an amazing experience. You can easily grab a gojek or gocar because the place is super easy to reach. It’s also super close to Bali’s famous feast place like Sate Babi Bawah Pohon, Babi Guling Pak Malen, and also the new Starbucks Reserve Dewata. For a Rp 3 million per night villa at the heart of Kuta and can fit up to 12 peoples around is a very nice deal, right? It’s a super great place to chill for the weekend or to rest after a long night of party in Bali.

Master Bedroom
Super spacy bedroom