GIOI, located in Senopati has been the talk of the town since they were opened in the late 2016. With their “Farm to Table” concept, they bring Asian food to the next level. Ingredients used in their kitchen are sourced from they own farm, how cool is that?

The interior is made very beautifully with real plants, dimmed light and rustic vibes. Too bad it was a dinner time when I visit GIOI because it was super dimmed and crowded. My bad, I didn’t get any of the interior shot.

Escargot Balado

Our arrival was immidiately welcomed by the waitress’s recommendation, Escargot Balado! Not very impressed with the escargot presentation, but the balado sauce match the escargot taste very well. Ultimate appetizer must try if you go to GIOI!

Salmon Lodeh

This is probably the main reason we came to GIOI. Salmon Lodeh! Crisp skin with perfect cooked pink center is definitely on point. The soup is also delicious, cooked with beans, corn, tofu and a hint of coriander(cmiiw). I was also impressed by how the soup thickness is just righ, not too thick, neither too watery. Perfect.

Crispy Duck

Crispy duck served with GIOI rice and salad (jukut kalasan) is also GIOI’s signature dish. Theuck came in two serving sizes; the half and whole. We ordered the half size because it’s only just 3 of us and that’s supposed to be enough. The duck is also came with 3 kind of chillies.

The duck skin was so cripsy, but amazingly tender inside. They marinate the duck nicely, blend perfectly with the GIOI rice and the Jukut Kalasan.

Also big shoutout to the rice. If you’re so Indonesian that you’ll say ‘I haven’t eaten yet until I have my rice’, This is definitely a must try rice (they also sold it separately)

Cumi Sambal Oelek

Well seasoned squid served with Sambal Oelek. The sambal reminded me of home-made sambal. Really nice addition to our dinner.

Chimichurri Pork Chop
After we finished half of the food on our table, we want to order another signature menu from GIOI. We asked one of the owner for his suggestion for the menu, and he suggests us to try their pork menu. We decided to order this Chimicurri Pork Chop!

A pork chop marinated overnight then served with mashed sweet potato and chimichurri sauce. Perfectly tender and moist textured with just nice amount of fat. The mashed sweet potato is also nice combination to go with the pork. For idr 240k, It’s a very nice addition to our dinner.


GIOI gives you super nice food with pleasant environment. Everything feel fresh and nicely done including their food presentation. Really nice ambience and decoration. Table booking is highly needed if you’re planning to come to lunch or dinner time. We almost didn’t get a table as it’s very crowded place even though it was weekday.

Jl Senopati no 88
+62 217211468