Concrete walls, natural light, and real life plants. What more would you ask for to spend your slow afternoon this holiday? It was a public holiday in the middle of the week. A blessed Sunday-tasted Wednesday..

As we thought before, the place was super packed. But the crowd was a little bit different than Bandung’s crowd. Mister-Sunday is packed with working and meeting people, busy with their own laptop. 

First of all, it’s a public holiday, well I used to work on holiday, so it didn’t bother me to be busy ona holiday. I thought Mister-Sunday was a casual cafe place where everyone can hang-out, lay back and not worry-ing about their to-do-list. But I guess this is why people are saying “Jakarta is Hard bruh..” 

Most of the dishes they serve here are western-asian fusion. I ordered Pork Belly with Sweet and Sour Sauce served with butter rice. The tender and juicy pork belly did great to fill up my tummy. Nice portion, tasty, and they gave it a beautiful plating.

There goes my slow afternoon at Mister-Sunday. It was amazing how their not-so-big space can bring your afternoon a bit more like your typical slow holiday-mood even at Jakarta. A perfect lay-back place to escape your daily routine. Definitely will go back for their famous brownie.

Jl Cikajang no 30, 0217211189