It was an hour of driving from Jacksen‘s current place to Gading Serpong. Didn’t expect it to be that far, but it was worth the hustle. Located at the same neighborhood as their previous place, in fact it’s just a few rukos away.

From the entrance, you’ll be welcomed by a very unique interior design that combine bottles, wooden board, and various glasses. You can also tell that there’s a nice lighting inside. You won’t see any binding lights, and harsh shadow anywhere here. Perfect lighting for an art gallery. Not to mention they have one on the third floor that opens only on tuesday and thursday.

All of the food I ordered was amazing! I can’t say enough great things about the Garlic Mushroom Spaghetti. Thanks to Jemi Bayu who strongly-suggesting me to try these instagrammable foods. Yes I feel like my camera and my eye eat before my mouth do.

Look at their beautiful croquette, and of course yes, they were very delicious too. There’s a strong hint of cheese in every croquette, and I also add tons of parmesan cheese that I asked to the waitress. The spaghetti was also al-dente with a perfect taste of creamy-ness.

The Slow Cooked Beef Pao was also very nice! I love the smoky kick from their 16-hours braised brisket meat. They served the pao with black pepper sauce, and watercress..

The salted egg tofu pops on the other hand was pretty basic. Maybe because I was already tried their holy grail Slow Cooked Beef. Well, it was included from the set of two Baos menu, so you have no other option anyway.

I also ordered a bowl of Lotus Chips, their anti-mainstream finger food.

For the dessert, we chose Pandan Espresso Chiffon cake by Lareia. The classic pandan chiffon with espresso mousse. Sadly the chiffon was too dry, not sure what happened but we finish the cake still..

Don’t ask me about the coffee. I mean you’re in a right place to grab a coffee..

The bathroom even more beautiful than my face

The only two downsides of the experience are the super crowded peoples where children running everywhere (it was eid holiday) and the leaked grease trap which make suddenly the whole cafe is smell quite bad.

They absolutely exceeded all the expectation of the food, coffee and interior from Turning Point, I really suggest for you to reserve your table, because you won’t be dissapointed at all.